Keanu Reeves Reveals He's Read The Matrix 4 Script Already - Here's What He Could Say About It!

Keanu Reeves Reveals He's Read The Matrix 4 Script Already - Here's What He Could Say About It!
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As fans of The Matrix movies know already, a fourth one is on its way and Keanu Reeves has already gotten his hands on its script! The actor says he’s read it all and thinks it’s ‘very ambitious!’

Ever since it was announced that there is a new installment of the popular movies in the works and that Keanu is reprising his role as Neo, fans have been really excited to see the final result.

For now, however, the actor could only tease the upcoming movie by revealing that he’s read the script!

Earlier today, Reeves and his sister, producer Karina Miller, were in attendance at a screening of her drama, Semper Fi, and while there, they chatted with ET, on the red carpet.

When asked about the highly anticipated Matrix sequel, the star could obviously not say much about it so he played coy.

However, he did admit that he’d read the script already and that he is excited!

‘It's very ambitious. As it should be!’ Keanu told the new outlet.

Well, it makes sense that it would be since the ones before it were really ambitious projects as well.

The production is reportedly set to start at the beginning of 2020 or even the end of this year.

Another cast member that is known to be returning for the fourth movie is none other than Carrie-Anne Moss.

Keanu also talked about his sister’s film at the event, saying that: ‘It's really awesome to be here and be invited. It's a great accomplishment, it's a wonderful film.’

The producer sister then gushed over her brother, saying that ‘He's always been so supportive and so protective of me doing my own thing. I always really appreciate that so. And it was fun to have family here because our mom is out of town still.’

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