Keanu Reeves Gave One Family The Surprise Of A Lifetime While Filming New Bill & Ted Movie

Keanu Reeves Gave One Family The Surprise Of A Lifetime While Filming New Bill & Ted Movie
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Keanu Reeves gave one family a surprise of a lifetime this week further proving he is a stand-up guy.

The actor has been filming Bill and Ted Face the Music , which is the third installment in the Bill & Ted franchise, in Louisiana. Word quickly spread the Hollywood hunk was in town, so one family decided to go the extra mile to get Reeves attention.

On his way to the set, Reeves noticed a sign meant for him in the yard of one home. The actor stopped the car and took the time to write a message to the family, who had created a sign saying, "You're Breathtaking."

Fans know those words are a now-famous quote from Reeves that he made during an E3 video game conference. The actor's message on the sign said "Stacey, you're breathtaking," and of course included his autograph.

Photos of the Hollywood heartthrob writing the message quickly appeared on social media. Once the news was out that Reeves had replied to the sign, Stacey Hunt revealed the actor had done more than just leave a message. She also shared what led the family to leave the specific sign in their yard.

"Wow! Yesterday was a dream come true! We knew @KeanuReevess_ was filming up the street, so my son said we need to make a sign that says "you're breathtaking" so we did! A few cars stopped, but then a car stopped, and there he was!! He actually stopped! Oh, my heavens! @ed_solomon," Hunt Tweeted.

Based on the Twitter message, the Hunt family was keeping a close eye on the sign to see if it gained Reeves attention. Imagine their surprise when after seeing several cars slow down to check out the sign, one finally stopped, and The Matrix star gets out.

Social media is in agreement Keanu Reeves is the coolest dude on the planet. Hunt's post was flooded with fans expressing their praise for the actor.

"Most excellent"! So happy for you guys that he stopped by! Love him and have since "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"! He is the sweetest, coolest, most handsome man EVER," replied @juneebbirdgirl, using a nod to his character in the Bill & Ted franchise.

Reeves has become the Internet's boyfriend this year , and it doesn't look as though he is going to be dethroned any time soon!

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