Katy Perry's Hairstylist Shares Throwback Photos And Videos And Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Hair!

Katy Perry's Hairstylist Shares Throwback Photos And Videos And Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Hair!
Credit: Source: Chris Appleton/Instagram

Katy Perry 's hairstylist, Chris Appleton , has shared several throwback photos and videos of the 35-year-old mother-t0-be. Katy is known for frequently changing her looks and with her pregnancy, she has cut her hair shorter and wearing it about chin-length. It's unclear exactly when Chris Appleton created the look on Katy but she wasn't pregnant and her hair was long, platinum blonde, and below her shoulders. It's been a while since Katy was seen with her hair this long but fans clearly loved the look. Chris Appleton is known for his modeling and handsome physique, just as much as he is for creating amazing hairstyles on people like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez . He did J-Lo's hair for the 2020 SuperBowl and has over one million followers. Many of his fans quickly praised Katy Perry's look and said that it was one of their favorite hairstyles for the "Daisies" singer.

It's unclear what Katy plans to do with her hair after the birth of the baby, but for many women, their hair can have a negative reaction to the hormonal changes that follow childbirth. For some women, pregnancy is a time when their hair is thick, shiny, and healthy as the hair shedding phase stops during pregnancy. After pregnancy, however, hormones begin adjusting and some women may see an increase in lost hair.

Depending upon how much hair a woman naturally has, and how she responds to the hormonal changes, she could see extremely thinning hair and even possibly a bald spot! Not all women will experience this much shedding though, but that is one reason why some women choose to take their hair shorter following childbirth.

Many women are sleep-deprived, up all night feeding their newborn baby, and simply don't have hours to spend on their hair or even getting their hair professionally done. Due to these reasons, it is possible that the public will see Katy Perry with a different hairstyle following labor and delivery.

You may see the photo and video that Chris Appleton shared featuring Katy Perry below.

What do you think about Katy Perry's hairstyle? Do you like the look on her? Are you curious about how she will wear her hair following her daughter's birth?

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