Katy Perry Shows Off Gorgeous Flower Arrangement Beyonce Sent Her After Welcoming Baby Daisy!

Katy Perry Shows Off Gorgeous Flower Arrangement Beyonce Sent Her After Welcoming Baby Daisy!
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After having her baby girl with fiancé Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry received a lot of gifts, congratulatory messages and more, from both fans and fellow celebs! That being said, one of the famous people on that list is none other than fellow singer, Beyonce , who apparently sent the new mom a gorgeous flower arrangement in honor of her starting a family!

What a sweet gift from Queen Bey! Obviously, Katy Perry was very touched and happy to know that the other singer was thinking about her on such a special occasion.

As fans know, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are now the parents of a daughter they named Daisy Dove Bloom.

The singer welcomed her first child and Orlando’s second, on August 26.

Less than a week after, Katy took to social media to show off the beautiful and thoughtful present she had received from Beyonce.

The arrangement featured all white flowers and also included a message from Beyonce.

In the caption, the new mom simply wrote: ‘ILY @Beyonce.’

As mentioned before, Beyonce was not the only celebrity to send something to Katy with the occasion of her becoming a first time mom.

Her fellow American Idol judge, Lionel Richie is another!

The man sent her a white robe and a bottle of champagne and Katy shared that present on her social media platform as well!

Shortly after little Daisy was born, the happy parents released a statement that reads in part: ‘We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter.’

Fittingly enough, the new mom had a daisy painted on her nail in the pic attached to the message.

Katy Perry has been very busy lately, not only with the newborn but also in her career since she released a new album only days after Daisy was born! But she wouldn’t have it any other way!


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