Katy Perry Shows Off Bare Baby Bump While Declaring She's 'Never Too Pregnant' For A Crop Top

Katy Perry Shows Off Bare Baby Bump While Declaring She's 'Never Too Pregnant' For A Crop Top
Credit: Source: Instagram

Katy Perry has made it to the final weeks of her pregnancy , but that doesn’t mean the singer can’t wear a crop top. The 35-year-old posted three pics on Instagram Tuesday morning that featured the Grammy nominee wearing some of her merch to promote her new album Smile , and that included a long-sleeved crop that showed off her bare baby bump.

"Never too pregnant for a crop 💁🏼‍♀️ and never too good for a mask 😷," wrote Perry in the caption. "Get ur #SMILE game on (tho don’t forget darling #Daisies🌼) and head to the link in my bio for your merch bundles! 😁"

The first photo featured the bump, and Perry is wearing a white crop top with "Smile" written in numerous colors on the front and “KP” on the sleeves, along with striped shorts. In the second shot, Perry showed off a black “Smile” ballcap, and she wore a red “Smile” mask in the third photo.

Perry has channeled her inner “Katy Clown” in the merchandising for her upcoming album. All of the promo materials for Smile - like t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and tote bags - are rainbow-themed.

Perry and her fiance, Orlando Bloom , are expecting a baby girl, and she has been candid on social media and in interviews about her journey to motherhood. Over the weekend, she told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia that being pregnant wasn’t going to keep her from wearing a crop top.

"I was like, I wanted to wear this piece of merch that I had made for my record, but I was like, 'It's a crop top ... Can I wear that? I'm gonna be a mom,' I was like, 'F--- it! I can still be young and fun and wear a crop top!' " said Perry.

The singer was wearing the same top in the interview, and she stood up and showed the hosts via video chat her bare belly. Perry revealed that she weighs 190 pounds and noted that “everything is swollen” at this point of her pregnancy. This has caused her to wear sandals “everywhere she goes.”

Katy Perry says she is grateful for her body, and she has “so much respect for other women going through this process.”  She added that you get a “whole new viewpoint being pregnant.”

The Roar singer described herself as a “mother on the move,” who has stayed “very active” during her pregnancy. And, Perry expects that her daughter will be a lot like her and Bloom.


"The DNA between the both of us is very high energy, so we'll be surprised if she's a lazy one," Perry explained. "But she'll be what she is, and I'm sure she's just here to teach us a lesson."


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