Katy Perry Reveals She's Taking A Hiatus From Music For A While

Katy Perry Reveals She's Taking A Hiatus From Music For A While
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Katy Perry is taking a short break from working on her next big album. In an interview with Footwear News, the singer said on Monday that she plans on just "chilling" following ten years of touring, including her latest, for Witness which finished in August.

"I've been on the road for like 10 years, so I'm just going to chill," the singer remarked. According to the infamous songstress, she's been on the road for a decade, and has consistently worked on music, "ringing the bell" of the "pop star very loudly."

Following over twenty years of dedication to her career as an artist, Katy said she no longer has anything to prove as a singer and songwriter. It's time to take a break.

While she's currently more focused on making her collection of shoes, Katy Perry Collections, she still loves singing and making music. However, it's no longer about proving herself to anyone. She's beyond that stage.

Moreover, she is working on her mental health and she recently rekindled her relationship with Orlando Bloom. According to Katy, her romance with Boom is a "great anchor." He's the kind of guy to call her out when she's behaving "cuckoo," the singer explained.

As you may know, Katy and Orlando dated for a few years before finally calling it off. They started up their relationship again earlier in the year, to the glee of their fans.

Additionally, Katy and Taylor Swift managed to work things out, as Katy praised Taylor's decision to make a political statement on her Instagram account when she claimed she would support the Democratic nominee rather than the Republican.

But not everyone enjoyed her comments. Donald Trump, himself, said to reporters that he likes Taylor's music "25% less" than he used to. It seems like Donald is pulling his punches.

In the past, Katy said her aim in her career as of late was to create "purposeful pop," which was met with mixed reviews by critics. However, album and ticket sales were far greater than critical reception.

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