Katy Perry Reveals She Told Harry Styles About Her Pregnancy Before Public Announcement, And He Was A 'Complete Gentleman'

Katy Perry Reveals She Told Harry Styles About Her Pregnancy Before Public Announcement, And He Was A 'Complete Gentleman'
Credit: Source: Twitter

Before Katy Perry announced in March that she and her fiance, Orlando Bloom, were expecting their first child together, the Roar singer had an unexpected run-in with Harry Styles. During a conversation this week with Scott Mills from BBC Radio 1, Perry said that she shared her big news with the former One Direction singer during a sweet conversation on a plane.

"We were having a conversation and I was like, 'Yeah, and I'm pregnant,' just off the cuff — 'cause I was like, 'What else do you say?!' " explained the 35-year-old.

The pregnant American Idol judge says that Styles was “so happy” for her and “so sweet” to her, revealing that he offered her his seat on the plane so they could continue talking.

"I was crouching down by his seat on the plane and once I had told him that, he got up out of his seat and he's like, 'Here, sit in my seat.' And I was like, 'No! I'll just go and sit in my own seat, which is right across the way,' " said Perry. "But he's a complete gentleman."

This isn’t the first time Perry and Styles have interacted. The Dark Horse singer just happened to be a guest judge during Season 7 of the UK’s X Factor back in 2010, which was Styles’ first step towards massive worldwide fame. As fans know, during that season of the X-Factor , Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger opted to put five solo singers together to form a boy band, and that is how One Direction was born.

Perry announced her pregnancy to fans when she premiered the music video for Never Worn White . Later, the Grammy nominee shared that she and Bloom were expecting a baby girl. This will be the first child for Perry, and the second for Bloom who shares his 9-year-old son Flynn with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Last month, Perry joked during an interview with Radio.com that she was “turning into Shrek, size-wise” during her pregnancy, while Bloom was turning into "The Hulk." The couple has also been spending extra time with kids during the coronavirus lockdown by staying home with her eight-month-old nephew and her three and six-year-old nieces. They also get occasional visits from Flynn.

Katy Perry says that she is learning how to be a mom fast, and she is used to kids because they seem to gravitate towards her through her music. However, she is not used to being woken up really early in the morning by kids who are staring at her from the side of the bed.

"Even though I can get highly annoyed by being quarantined with my family in close quarters — I'm used to jet-setting around and being really busy — now I feel we've laid a new foundation within our family, [that] there's a bond that's even stronger," said Perry.


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