Katy Perry Reportedly Sang To Prince Charles' Plants - He Asked Her To

Katy Perry Reportedly Sang To Prince Charles' Plants - He Asked Her To
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Prince Charles once asked Katy Perry if she'd sing to his plants, a new report from Us Magazine revealed. The 71-year-old Prince of Wales and 35-year-old pop star hung out on the 4th of February, Tuesday, for a reception in London where the star became the ambassador for a charity for India.

While at the event, Perry stated she was thrilled to be working with him, and also on the behalf of Indian children. Perry stated that Prince Charles had an "incredibly kind soul," and he even talks to his plants sometimes. She claimed Charles asked her to sing to them, and she promised she would in the future.

After she introduced the royal, Charles took the stage and delivered his own speech, stating how grateful he was to work with Katy Perry and also have her deliver such a kind introduction on his behalf. On her IG the following day, Katy shared her thoughts on the gathering.

You can check out her post below:

Additionally, Orlando Bloom, Katy's fiancé, supported his girl in the comment section below the photograph, praising Katy and stating that she was shining a "big light." Fans of Katy and Orlando know it's a big year for both of them, due to their upcoming marriage as well as her work with the British Asian Trust.

As it was previously reported, Katy and Orlando are scheduled to marry in April of this year. They started dating again four years ago in 2016. Before her engagement to Orlando, she was married to Russell Brand from 2010 until 2012.

Bloom, on the other hand, was married to Miranda Kerr, the Victoria's Secret model, for three years. They have a nine-year-old child named Flynn. Just a few hours ago, Suzy Kerr reported on Orlando and Katy's upcoming nuptials.

Suzy claimed that after they canceled their December wedding, Orlando and Katy pushed it back until April of this year. The aforementioned Hollywood stars pushed the date back not because of relationship problems, but because they wanted a better location.

An insider who spoke with Us Magazine claimed Orlando and Katy are "deeply in love."

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