Katy Perry Looks Gorgeous In Dolce And Gabbana Bathing Suit

Katy Perry Looks Gorgeous In Dolce And Gabbana Bathing Suit
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Katy Perry looked gorgeous when she and partner Orlando Bloom spent Memorial Day weekend out and about in Santa Barbara, California. Though no one knows just how far along Katy Perry is with her pregnancy, she is believed to be in her last trimester. Orlando was seen shirtless and showing off his muscled physique, while Katy wore a gorgeous rose-print bathing suit that provided perfect coverage for her baby bump. The bathing suit has a retro feel to it and features a pastel pink with forest green leaves and a plunging neckline. Katy was seen wearing the bathing suit while carrying her dog Nugget as she and Orlando made their way to the water.

Demand for Katy's bathing suit skyrocketed and many people wanted to know who the designer was. Though Katy showed off her baby bump, it seemed clear that the gorgeous bathing suit wasn't necessarily a maternity swimsuit. The bathing suit is the Dolce & Gabbana, one-piece swimsuit featuring a plunging neckline and tropical rose print design. It retails for approximately $675 on the official Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit.

In addition to the Dolce & Gabanna bathing suit, Katy Perry wore a pair of Ray-Ban original Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses in black. She finished the look with a pair of yellow flip flops, a straw hat to protect her skin from the sun, and carried a large tote bag with her.

Pregnant women need to be extra careful when out in the sun. Not only is getting sunburned while pregnant extremely uncomfortable, but the sun can trigger melasma or chloasma as it is called during pregnancy. Sun exposure mixed with the hormonal changes due to pregnancy can result in dark spots across the face, shoulders, back or anywhere that has been exposed to direct sunlight.

It's important that Katy uses a good sunscreen and shields herself from the sun as she did with her large hat.

You may see photos of Katy Perry wearing her Dolce & Gabbana bathing suit as she carried Nugget and spent relaxing time with Orlando Bloom below.

You may see the bathing suit below.

What do you think about Katy Perry's choice in her Memorial Day swimsuit? Are you a fan of the Dolce & Gabbana tropical rose print?

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