Katy Perry Is Reportedly Considering These Names For Her Baby Daughter With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry Is Reportedly Considering These Names For Her Baby Daughter With Orlando Bloom
Credit: Source: Katy Perry/Instagram

Fans are thrilled that Katy Perry is having her first child and no one could be more excited about the pregnancy than Orlando Bloom and Katy herself. Granted, things have been stressful on Katy due to the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, and a general change of life for everyone. It's also a scary time to be pregnant. No one knows what the impact of the deadly Coronavirus will ultimately be and some areas have practiced social distancing to the point fathers weren't allowed in delivery rooms at the time of a baby's birth. Still, with everything that is unknown, Katy Perry has a strong faith in God and is resilient. Fans have no doubt that she and Orlando will get through whatever obstacles that come their way and deliver a strong, healthy, and beautiful baby girl.

Now people are wondering what Katy Perry's actual due date is and what she will name her daughter. Katy hasn't revealed her due date to the public, but she has said that she's due in summer. As for baby girl names, OK magazine addressed the topic in their upcoming June 1, 2020, issue. The magazine said that Orlando and Katy are getting everything in order and it sounds like Katy is already in her nesting phase.

Speaking to an unidentified source who weighed in on the issue, the publication discussed Katy Perry's baby name choices.

"Katy really wants to name her daughter Pearl or Hudson, after her grandma Ann Pearl Hudson, who recently passed away."

It seems that Katy isn't going to join other celebrities who have chosen wild, unique, and strange names such as Elon Musk's and Grimes' new baby boy X Æ A-Xii that is believed to be pronounced as (X Ash A Twelve).

Compared to many celebrity baby names, Pearl or Hudson sounds rather normal.

The source also divulged that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom wanted a baby together and this little girl's arrival is no surprise.

"Katy's admitted it herself, that this pregnancy was no accident. It was very much planned —and they're both ecstatic that their daughter will be here soon."

What do you think about Orlando Bloom's and Katy Perry's baby names?

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