Katy Perry Is Happy Being 32: “I Wouldn’t Give Anything To Go Back To My 20s”

Katy Perry Is Happy Being 32: “I Wouldn’t Give Anything To Go Back To My 20s”
Source: Vogue

Katy Perry is featured in Vogue‘s May issue, wearing Comme des Garçons’ pieces throughout the entire spread. At 32, it seems that the singer is not afraid to try different things, even if some of them are a bit wacky.

Perry will co-chair the 2017 Met Gala, honoring Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo, but until then, she shines on Vogue‘s May issue wearing some daring outfits. Katy’s model pieces from Comme des Garçons’ are styled by the legendary Grace Coddington, spanning from 2005 to 2017.

Joking a bit about the eye-catching outfits, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer said she wants to know when Zoolander 3 starts shooting. Perry afterward declared these clothes are walking pieces of art. Well, we can't agree more!

In the interview with Vogue, Katy recalled her strict childhood, being raised by Christian pastor parents. She remembered that all her activities consisted of church visits and watching Bill O’Reilly. As far as music, Perry only knew of Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

As for her fashion enthusiast side, Katy’s sense of style developed from a young age, and when she was only in sixth grade, she asked for a fake leopard fur $175 vintage coat for Christmas.

Once she finally got it, Katy wore it to school, but all of the kids just made fun of her. However, when the hot moms kept asking her where she got that coat, she knew she did something right.

Known for her cartoony style image, the singer has now opted for stylish clothing and more androgynous, architectural pieces.

Regarding other aspects of her life, Perry said that she'd learned a lot in her 30’s, patience, the art of saying no, or that marriage isn’t everything in life. Strange for some, Katy claimed that she wouldn’t want to go back to her 20s.

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