Katy Perry Finally Addresses Ryan Philippe Dating Rumors!

Katy Perry Finally Addresses Ryan Philippe Dating Rumors!
Source: Vevo.com

Katy Perry finally weighed in on the bothersome dating rumors plaguing herself and Ryan Phillippe.

The "California Girls" singer went on Twitter today to respond to Ryan's tweets from yesterday.

Ryan Phillippe posted on Twitter that he wasn't dating Katy Perry and he would really like it if helicopters would stop flying around his house. Paparazzi have been all over the Lincoln Lawyer  actor because of the rumors alleging Ryan and Perry were flirting during Elton John's birthday party.

"I am not dating Katy Perry," he tweeted in all capital letters. "Barely know her. Please stop flying helicopters over my house. She is not here. Thx."
A fan commented on Ryan's Twitter saying how much they would love it if he was dating Katy, and the famous actor responded saying, "don't mind people thinking that. Don't want low flying pervs hovering periodically." 
Katy responded earlier this afternoon writing, "can you let me out of this basement please?", although she since deleted the tweet.
She responded again, only this time saying, "Hi, @RyanPhillippe, nice to meet you. Sorry about that. Carry on."
Katy was previously dating Orlando Bloom, but they split in February after a year of dating. Perry pulled the plug on the relationship, although no one really knows why for sure.

A source claimed the pair still in love and getting back together could be a possibility someday, but as of now, it's not happening. Another insider said the ex-couple still talk sometimes and even have hung out once or twice together.

Ryan was dating Paulina Slagter but eventually split in November of last year.

Maybe someday the fate will pull Katy and Ryan together. At the moment it doesn't seem likely!


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