Katy Perry Debuts Long Blonde Hair And Fans Are Freaking Out — Check Out The Photos

Katy Perry Debuts Long Blonde Hair And Fans Are Freaking Out — Check Out The Photos
Credit: Source: Katy Perry/Instagram

Katy Perry has debuted new, long, blonde hair and her fans are freaking out. The look follows a shorter bob and even a pixie cut that Katy has been wearing for years. Fans are loving the look and paying homage to the 35-year-old singer and American Idol judge.  Celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero created the look and makeup artist Michael Anthony did Katy's face. The long blonde hair looked gorgeous on Katy and fans couldn't stop raving about the look. Michael chose colors that complemented Katy's blue eyes and blonde hair using soft pinks and natural tones.

In the photo below, you can see Katy posing with her hair parted to the side and flowing well below her shoulders. The color was a pure platinum blonde with just a hint of darker shades at the root. She wore long, side-swept bangs that gave her an air of mystery and thick, black lashes framed her blue eyes.

Fans were so thrilled with Katy's new look that someone took her photo and gave it the hair color and makeup filter treatment. With a collage featuring Katy's blonde hair styled in a number of different colors, fans could weigh in on which color they liked best on Katy.

The photo collage has been shared on multiple social media platforms with many people choosing their favorite look. So far, black and blue are in the lead.

You may see the collage featuring Katy Perry in a variety of different hair colors below.

Katy has always been a head-turner but lately, she's been serving looks that have been going viral. Katy wore a peach, leopard-print suit on the Jimmy Kimmel show. She wore her hair styled with a high ponytail and a slight peach tint. She also wore her makeup in similar hues to her latest Instagram photo. Many people have said they think the longer length is more complementary to Katy's face shape than the pixie cuts.

You may see several photos of Katy Perry in the Dundas suit below.

What do you think about Katy Perry's new hairstyle? Do you like the long, blonde hair with side-swept bangs on Katy?

Do you think Katy should keep her hair with this hairstyle or go back to her pixie cut?

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