Katy Perry Already Knows The Kind Of Parent She's Going To Be And Lionel Richie Totally Agrees!

Katy Perry Already Knows The Kind Of Parent She's Going To Be And Lionel Richie Totally Agrees!
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The singer is looking forward to welcoming her first child and apparently, she is already thinking of what kind of parent she is going to be to her baby girl. Katy Perry shared this and as it turns out, someone who knows her well - her ‘American Idol’ co-judge, Lionel Richie - agrees!

Katy has been in quarantine, waiting to give birth to her and fiance Orlando Bloom’s daughter and she’s definitely had some time to think about the type of mother she is going to be!

After the special Mother’s Day episode of American Idol, Katy chatted with HollywoodLife and several other outlets yesterday, revealing her opinion on what kind of parent she is likely to be once her firstborn arrives.

That being said, according to the star herself, she will be ‘firm, but fair, and very fun. I think a triple F.’

Later during the holiday, she also joined The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II, dressing up as Dumbo’s mom for it!

Furthermore, to make her costume complete, she even dressed up her dog as Dumbo!

If that doesn’t scream ‘fun mom,’ what does, right?

As mentioned before, Lionel Richie, who is one of her fellow American Idol judges, totally agreed with her prediction

He told the press that ‘You know, I think Katy is going to discover… she is going to be a really fun mom, first of all. And I can’t wait to see Halloween [and] Christmas. I think that Halloween and Christmas are going to be the very best times 'cause Katy gets to do what she does best, which is dressing up. It is going to be so much fun for the baby. I just think she is gonna be a great mom. Just knowing Katy. I mean what child, especially a girl…  is [not] like dress-up every day.’

Then, relating the topic to the current pandemic, Katy joked that they will walk around dressed in 'hand sanitizer costumes!'

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