Katy Perry Already Knows Her Parenting Style Before Welcoming Baby Girl With Fiance Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry Already Knows Her Parenting Style Before Welcoming Baby Girl With Fiance Orlando Bloom
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Katy Perry is yet to give birth to her and Orlando Bloom’s baby girl but the singer already knows what kind of mother she is going to be! During a new interview for E!’s Daily Pop, Katy revealed her plan when it comes to her parenting style.

That being said, she mentioned that it can easily be remembered as the ‘3Fs.’

Furthermore, the artist also predicted that her daughter will become the love of her life, regardless of how much she loves her fiancé, Orlando Bloom.

‘They do say that when you meet your wife or soulmate or partner, whatever you want to say, you think that they are perfect and they are everything…but that quickly fades away, right? When you meet your daughter that is when you have met the love of your life.’

Katy Petty went on to explain her parenting style.

‘I'm definitely parenting style 3Fs: I am fun, firm but fair. I like to get things done and I like to create a peaceful scene and it takes a matriarchy to do that,’ she dished.

However, when it comes to the baby girl’s relationship with her dad, she is sure that the actor will not use the same style of parenting.

In fact, Katy is pretty certain that their child will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

‘I definitely think she's gonna be daddy's little girl, for sure,’ she stressed and Orlando actually said the same thing while on The Tonight Show earlier this month.

Bloom gushed, at the time, over how excited he was to have a ‘little daddy's girl.’

He went on to share his hopes that she will love him just as much as he already loves her!

‘But that daddy's girl thing, that love of your life feeling, I think is right around there,’ the actor added, expressing the same sentiment as his fiancée when it comes to parental love being the strongest and everlasting.

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