Katie Cassidy Opens Up About The Death Of Her Father - David Cassidy

Katie Cassidy Opens Up About The Death Of Her Father - David Cassidy
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Just three days after David Cassidy passed away, Katie Cassidy, his daughter, spoke out in commemoration of the late Partridge Family member. In a statement on Twitter, she wrote that "words can't express" the emotions of her family after the loss of David.

All of the words of love and support offered by fans has helped them during such a difficult time. According to Katie, David's last words were "so much wasted time," which is a message to those out there who are not taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them by life.

Katie and David didn't have the most excellent relationship. According to reports, Katie's mother, Sherry Williams and stepfather Richard Benedon, were the ones to raise her rather than David primarily.

Furthermore, Katie said that her father supported her no matter what and never judged her for anything she might've said. It was a tremendous privilege for her to have such an understanding mentor.

Despite her declarations of David being a good friend, David said in the past that he didn't play much of a role in her life.

In an interview with People Magazine in February of 2017, David revealed that his relationship with Katie was rocky. In fact, they rarely spoke toward the end of his life.

David explained, "I wasn't her father. I was her biological father, but I didn't raise her." According to the Partridge Family alum, she had an "entirely different life."

However, he mentioned that he was proud of her and her talent. But, often, it is difficult for him to accept how much she has grown up. Cassidy left behind two children, Katie and his son, Beau Cassidy. Funeral arrangements have not been revealed to the public at this time.

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