Katie Rost Blast RHOP Co-Star Ashley Darby And Her Husband's 'Sexual Misbehavior'

Katie Rost Blast RHOP Co-Star Ashley Darby And Her Husband's 'Sexual Misbehavior'
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Katie Rost has made her triumphant return to Real Housewives of Potomac as a friend. Although it seems like she and Ashley Darby are getting along very well, the model had some scathing words for Darby after she found out about the shade Ashley threw towards one of her properties.

On the latest episode of RHOP, the ladies took a trip to Katie's farm where tensions boiled over as Michael Darby's sexual assault allegations became the topic of discussion.

While speaking about the Hoedown that occurred, Ashley described the farm as being 'a little on the scruffy side.' The comment apparently rubbed Rost the wrong way because she took to Instagram to address it.


'I just watched a video on @Bravotv, guess it was one of the aftershow breakdowns on #RHOP , anyway, Ashley Darby was sitting there, feet up, talking shit about my magnificent property, Sunny Hill Farm. (A property by the way that I bought at 27 years old for a million dollars with my own hard earned modeling money, none of which involved banging an 80 year old) I’ve kept my mouth shut about her, but honestly, how can a woman who grew up in squalor, literally grew up on welfare and being kicked out of homes all her life (as Ashley Darby has said was her story) think that her crown fits well enough to talk shit about me and mine?'

The 40-year-old went on to add: 'I’m all for people having a come uppance, but don’t front like you are something that you are not. The abusive digs at other women just to cover for sexual misbehavior from your husband, the nastiness, the running for cover using a pregnancy to shield yourself is not cool. Eeeeeew! People who know how vicious her mouth and behavior are, know. It’s not cool. Watch your mouth girl.... #katierost #TheKatieFactor #RHOP.'

This isn't the first time someone has called Ashley out for deflecting the things that are going on in her life by shading others. Candiace Dillard expressed those same sentiments before the season premiere.

What do you think about Katie's clapback?

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