Katie Price’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Set To Start Her Own Career In Showbiz! Read Her Mother’s Response To The Haters!

Katie Price’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Set To Start Her Own Career In Showbiz! Read Her Mother’s Response To The Haters!
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Katie Price is a very determined person and it looks like she has rubbed off on her 9 years old daughter as she is already launching her own showbiz career!

Princess, who is Katie’s third child, is going to launch a book later this year.

Although many people are going to argue that she is too young for a career, the mother slammed the haters ahead of time!

"Princess has a book coming out this year so let's see what they have to say about that!" she said at the launch of her Katie Price Nutrition range.

"You'll have to wait and see what it's about, but if they're gonna moan that'll give them something to moan about – but in a good way."

She also stated that Princess will do her own press for her book and will gladly take questions about her work.

The announcement comes after she was slammed for allowing Princess and her brother Peter to have Instagram account when they are both under the age of 13.

Katie argued that she is, in fact, a good mother and very “protective” and revealed that she is the one who signs them in and out and moderates their comments.

In addition, she stated that the social media account was made for “business” purposes and it will help their career in the future.

Katie also labeled her children as "brands" and revealed that Princess has been turning down modeling jobs already because they don’t pay enough.

"I said to Princess, 'Do you want to do it, they're only offering that amount', and she said 'no' because she knows what she can get – she's good already."

The mother also strongly defended her daughter’s beach pose that commenters considered it was too sexual for her age. The photo showed the 9-year-old with a hand on her hip and wearing a bikini.

Katie argued that Princess has learned from the best and besides, she can’t tell her not to pose too sexily as she doesn’t even know what that is. She just does what she feels like!

Do you think all of this is too much for a kid or is Katie right?

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  • Gabby
    Gabby Apr 26, 2017 9:31 AM PDT

    My son is one years old and he has an Instagram account. People need to back off and worry about their own problems with their own children that may be doing things ten times worse. Katie keep doing what you doing your kids are lovely and smart. Your daughters eyes tho!!

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