Katie Price decided to change her daughter's name

Katie Price decided to change her daughter's name
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This is not the first time Peter Andre has had a clash with his ex, especially when it comes to her decisions as a parent. However, he is not the only one who criticized her, since she received lots of critical views since she declared that she lets her daughter Princess to change the surname she took from her father in order to get a boost in her career.

She talked about the ambitions of her 9-year-old daughter to become a beauty guru and a model and she explained that she will have "Princess Price" as her stage name, and not "Princess Andre". The star from "Loose Women" explained that she wants to drop her surname in an attempt to gain more views, professionally speaking.

She declared for Star Magazine that her daughter is totally decided to start her professional future as soon as possible, and that the actress herself will support her in this process. As such, we will see how Princess will soon do her own tutorials for make-up on Instagram. According to the change her mother allows, her stage name will be Princess Price, not Princess Andre.

She has also been accused for exposing the two children she has with Peter on social media, she keeps doing her thing. Of course, people asked her if she doesn't believe that Princess is growing up too fast for her age, to which she replied that she doesn't think so and that she's a tomboy just like she herself had been.

Katie Price also declared that Princess has other common pastimes, just like any child, such as getting dirty in the mud, spending time outdoors with her favorite horses and while inside, she would do everybody else's makeup. However, she clarified that she didn't get her hair extensions or that she doesn't tint her eyelashes.

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