Katie Perry Sued For Posting A Pic Of Herself On Instagram

Katie Perry Sued For Posting A Pic Of Herself On Instagram
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Back in 2016, Katy Perry was a vocal supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton during her Presidential campaign. One month before the election, Perry decided to dress up as the famous politician for Halloween, and she went to great lengths by using prosthetics, makeup, and a wig. However, after she posted a pic of her costume on Instagram that was taken by the largest celebrity photograph agency in Hollywood, Perry has found herself in the middle of a lawsuit.

According to The Blast , photo agency BackGrid has sued the American Idol judge in federal court for $150,000 over copyright infringement after the singer posted the pic taken by paparazzi that featured herself at a Halloween party along with a pal who was dressed as Bill Clinton. Her fiance Orlando Bloom was also at the party, and he dressed up as a cartoon version of President Trump.

Even though three years have passed, Perry has not removed the photo which was captioned “❤️BILL & HILL 4EVA❤️.” It currently has more than 558,000 likes.

In the lawsuit from BackGrid, they claim that “Defendant Perry, or someone acting on her behalf, violated federal law by willfully infringing BackGrid’s copyright in the photograph by copying the photograph and distributing it on Instagram via the @katyperry account on October 29, 2016.”

The company claims they have attempted to contact Perry’s team numerous times since July 2017, but neither Perry nor her staff have properly licensed the pic despite BackGrid’s attempts to let them know they own the photo. In their lawsuit, the company writes that Perry continues to use the photograph without authorization or permission, even though she knows it is copyright infringement.

BackGrid complains that Perry posting the picture has made it “immediately available” to the Roar singer’s 80 million Instagram followers and others who consume entertainment news instead of allowing fans to see the pic via BackGrid’s customers who have a licensed version.

BackGrid is seeking $150,000 “per infringement” for Perry using their work without their permission plus damages.

Just last month, a federal jury ordered Katy Perry and her collaborators to pay $2.78 million for allegedly copying a Christian rap song titled Joyful Noise and turning it into her 2013 hit Dark Horse.

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