Katie Morton Of Bachelor In Paradise Updates Fans On Her Romance With Chris Bukowski - 'We Are Doing So Great!'

Katie Morton Of Bachelor In Paradise Updates Fans On Her Romance With Chris Bukowski - 'We Are Doing So Great!'
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It turns out that Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski are in a better place now, following a very shocking Bachelor in Paradise season finale. While at Lulu's Pop-Up in Los Angeles, Katie chatted with E! News, getting candid about the emotional talk she’d had with the show’s host Chris Harrison and the whirlwind romance with Bukowski.

The reality TV star assured the news outlet that she regrets nothing, despite how things ended.

‘It was what it was. It was real, it was honest. I have no regrets. It's different to see yourself in that environment, but we are doing so great now and so I'm happy. That totally was a growing and turning point for our relationship. We've always been growing. Not just the taping of it but also the showing of [the episode]. We just keep growing through all these things. It's all very real,’ she dished.

Furthermore, Katie insisted that she and Chris are ‘finally back to normalcy and trying to live a normal life. I know that that seems unconventional considering we signed up for a reality TV show and it's like, that's not normal. But you know what, we deserve to have this time to ourselves in private because everything's been so public. So, we're taking things slow and we're finally living things day by day.’

‘We're going to find out what's next! That's for you guys to stay tuned,’ she went on to tease, laughing.

The pair has been keeping their romance more private lately, not really sharing much on social media.

But earlier this month, Chris took to his platform to gush over Katie, updating people on their romance.

That being said, he mentioned that love may be ‘tough’ but it is also ‘patient’ and ‘beautiful’ which is why he is glad there was a 'shock' to make him realize it.

He assured everyone that his love for Katie has grown even more and that he is ready to feed her pizza for the rest of their lives! Aww….


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