Katie Maloney Reveals What She Ate To Lose 25 Pounds!

Katie Maloney Reveals What She Ate To Lose 25 Pounds!
Credit: Source: usmagazine.com

The reality TV star's managed to lose no less than 25 pounds while in quarantine and she’s done it in a very healthy and stress-free way! Katie Maloney opened up about her lifestyle that’s led to her weight loss all without her giving up tasty eating or going on a harmful and unsustainable, strict diet!

In fact, she’s tried several of those in the past with no success but now, the Vanderpump Rules star has finally found the secret to a healthy and fit life after requesting the help of a professional nutritionist!

That way, she has learned all about the type of foods she should be consuming and the ones she should not!

Fast forward to the present and she has lost 25 pounds with minimal effort and definitely no strict diet!

During an interview for HollywoodLife, she explained that ‘I think dieting isn't sustainable and it is very short-term and sets you up for failure. So, now I feel like I know how to eat for my body and metabolism.’

Her husband and co-star Tom Schwartz has also been a big help when it comes to meal prepping.

Katie went on to share that she usually eats eggs for breakfast, with Tom jumping in to say that: ‘I usually make her an egg white omelet with avocado and feta cheese, a bit of hot sauce. It is the little things, I feel like they do add up. We do not do top and bottom bun or top and bottom bread.’

‘Then I will have some tea or coffee and for snacks it is always fruits or a little bit of nuts and cheese or something. I am really into the — Oh my gosh, where the Kardashians get their salads. I have fallen in love with that place. The Health Nut place. They have these massive protein salads with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and tomatoes and they have this nice house dressing they put on it,’ Katie told the news outlet.

As for dinner, she revealed that they usually make chicken with broccoli or green beans.


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