Katie Maloney Gets Vulnerable In Message About Her Weight Gain - 'I Was Unlovable And Unhappy'

Katie Maloney Gets Vulnerable In Message About Her Weight Gain - 'I Was Unlovable And Unhappy'
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Katie Maloney opened up about her struggle with her weight gain! The Vanderpump Rules star confessed that she felt ‘unhappy’ and ‘unlovable’ for a while, but it looks like she is a lot stronger nowadays.

It all started with a rude viewer slamming Maloney for being a ‘crybaby’ as well as ‘fat’ and 'disgusting.'

The fan was apparently pretty upset that James Kennedy was fired after body-shaming her.

Therefore, they took to her platform and commented under one of her pics: ‘She did get James fired [by] running to Lisa like the fat and disgusting cry baby that she is.’

This prompted the reality TV celeb to write a message that was both vulnerable and empowering, declaring to the whole world that she was no longer ‘weak.’

Katie reposted the mean comment on her IG stories and wrote alongside it: ‘I mean… I might have a mean streak in me. But I am not evil like this person. GFY.’

She then went on to talk about struggling with her weight for the past three years and getting comments like that quite a lot!

‘Imagine finally finding the courage to finally love yourself and to stand up for yourself just to then be torn down and ridiculed again. It took me 3 years. I was a really unhappy person. I was unlovable. But I vowed to make changes. And I did. For the last three years, I let MY BODY become a topic of conversation. I say ‘let’ because I did not have the courage or self-love [to] argue it.’

In another post, Katie admitted that while she may not be perfect, she is not a ‘weak b***h.’

She also made it clear that she will continue to grow, get stronger and stay true to herself. If that makes people think she is a b***h, then so be it!


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