Katie Holmes Is Laying Down The Law Now That She Has Gone Public With Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes Is Laying Down The Law Now That She Has Gone Public With Jamie Foxx
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Now that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have gone public with their relationship, the former Dawson’s Creek star has laid down the law when it comes her boyfriend’s bad habits. The health-conscious actress is not a fan of Foxx’s obsession with junk food and fatty snacks, and she has told him that things need to change.

According to Radar Online , when the couple first started dating, Foxx made it seem like he was a health nut, too, but the truth eventually came out.

Holmes works hard to keep her thin frame, and in addition to eating healthy, she is a fan of yoga and cycling and has even run the New York City marathon. The 39-year-old runs a minimum of three hours a week on the treadmill and is reportedly “athletic to the bone.”

Foxx and Holmes first got together back in 2013 , just a year after her divorce from Tom Cruise. And, after five years of keeping their relationship a secret, they finally decided to take their romance public, and for Foxx, that means he has to start eating right.

“She’s banned him from eating that stuff, but she’s caught him hoarding cookies and pickles and ketchup for his burgers,” claims an insider.

Holmes is making these rules for Foxx’s own good, says the source, and because she worries about the 50-year-old’s health.

Even though the truth is now out about their relationship, Foxx recently walked off the set of a live interview during NBA All-Star weekend, after ESPN host Michael Smith tried to ask him a question about Holmes.

After Smith asked Foxx about his Valentine’s Day plans with the actress, wondering if they were going to have a day of real-life Love & Basketball , Foxx nonchalantly took off his headset and walked away without answering the question.

It turns out the couple did spend the romantic holiday playing some hoops, with the actress sporting some black leggings and a gray t-shirt for their game.

Holmes has also recently been having fun on social media by sharing some throwback pictures on Instagram from 1998 when she was on the set of the Dawson’s Creek pilot.

She captured the photos by saying that it was such a “magical time” and she is grateful for everyone involved with the show and the fans.


The series – which also starred James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson – ran for six seasons from 1998 to 2003.

Holmes has not been a regular on a TV show since that popular teenage soap opera went off the air, but she is now set for a return to the small screen after signing on as the lead of a new Fox FBI drama. The untitled project will focus on Holmes’ character, Special Agent Hazel Otis.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have never confirmed their relationship.


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