Katie Holmes Has A More Seductive Image To Make Jamie Foxx Happy

Katie Holmes Has A More Seductive Image To Make Jamie Foxx Happy
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In an attempt to keep the romance alive with Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes has decided to dress more seductively.

It has been revealed that Holmes has her hands full with Foxx since going public.

According to reports via OK! , the lovers briefly split after the famous Malibu pictures hit the Internet.

They eventually reconciled, and now Holmes has decided to spice things up with sexier dresses and fancy shoes.

The mother of one has drastically changed her wardrobe and her image to make sure Foxx sticks around.

One of the first big moves she did was cut her hair. An insider said that Foxx loves the hot new pixie haircut.

A family friend stated: “Jamie is a huge fan of Katie‘s new cut; it is a turn on.He loves variety, any change is exciting for him, and with her new haircut, it is almost like Katie‘s a new woman. It is fun and sexy; he loves it. He would like to see her go even shorter; he thinks she should rock a buzz cut next. He is always said she looks good with her hair short because it shows off her amazing cheekbones.”

Another source claimed that Holmes often feels that Foxx can slip away because he fears commitment.

The person added: “Jamie does not even know if he wants to get married to Katie, let alone have a child with her. She currently isn’t pregnant, but don’t take that as a bad thing, because they both love the children that they have.”

Holmes is happy with Foxx because he is the opposite of her ex-husband, Tom Cruise -- the R&B singer makes her feel like a real woman.

The snitch claimed: “Katie Holmes feels much more equal to Jamie Foxx than she ever did with Tom Cruise.He makes her feel like a grown woman. Jamie respects Katie’s opinion and her independence, and he would never dream of telling her what to do. She loves how Jamie keeps his private life private, and how he shuns the media spotlight. It fits with Katie’s sensibilities much more than the crazy, over-the-top life she shared with Tom."

Holmes also appreciates the fact that Foxx is a great father figure for Suri.

The person concluded: “He makes her very happy. Add to that the fact that he is a wonderful father. She appreciates that and sees what he can bring to Suri [Cruise, her 11-year-old daughter with Tom] as a father figure. Jamie is a home run on all the important things that Katie needs in a relationship.”

Do you see Holmes and Foxx getting married?

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