Katie Holmes' Ex-Husband Tom Cruise Is Jealous Of Her New Relationship With His Former Friend Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes' Ex-Husband Tom Cruise Is Jealous Of Her New Relationship With His Former Friend Jamie Foxx

Hurt and a bit jealous of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's romance, Tom Cruise is doing some soul searching and is starting to question some of his life choices.

The megastar was allegedly surprised to learn that his ex-wife had moved on with his former friend in what appears to be a real loving relationship.

The photos that confirmed Foxx and Holmes are indeed an item showed them walking hand in hand on a beach in Malibu while gazing at each other.

Suri's parents ended their marriage in 2012, and sources claimed Holmes started dating the R&B singer in 2014.

Since splitting from Holmes, Cruise has been enjoying great success in his movie career but nothing substantial in his personal life.

An insider claimed that the famous Scientologist is now hoping to find true love. In short, Cruise wants what his ex-wife has.

A source claimed: “Katie’s relationship with Jamie has made Tom take a look at his own relationship history and take stock of his own failure. Tom is bothered that Katie is so happy with someone else."

Cruise, who has been married three times, is hoping to find Mrs. Right sooner than later.

The insider went on to say: "Tom would love to find his own true love, someone he can share the rest of his life with too. At one time, Tom believed Katie was that woman. Now he wonders if he will ever be able to find true love again."

Another chatty pal explained that Holmes is worried that Cruise will take drastic action against Foxx.

The second source shared: “She is allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she is not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri.”

The family friend also says that Holmes was forced to keep the romance on the low for her bank account.

She had signed a contract with Cruise which prohibited her from having an official boyfriend.

The person familiar with the situation stated: “Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms — and got $4.8 million in child support, plus another $5 million for herself.”

It has also been revealed that Cruise is an absentee father to little Suri.

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