Katie Holmes Dumps Jamie Foxx - Reports Say She Was Sick Of Him Keeping The Relationship A Secret

Katie Holmes Dumps Jamie Foxx - Reports Say She Was Sick Of Him Keeping The Relationship A Secret

According to new reports, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are no longer together! We hear that she dumped him after Foxx was caught hanging out with his ex but that's not their only problem!

A source told us that Katie is completely heartbroken over Jamie’s recent behavior.

The biggest problem for them was the fact that they couldn’t agree on how they should be handling their relationship in the public eye.

Despite pics of them packing the PDA making headlines back in September of last year, the private couple has never actually officially confirmed their relationship.

One insider revealed that after the photos of them holding hands surfaced, ‘Katie assumed they were ready for a brand new chapter, but Jamie still seemed reluctant to show the world how much he cared about her, or even acknowledge that they are an item.’

But the final straw was allegedly the fact that Jamie took his ex and mother of his child, Kristin Grannis, out for lunch earlier this month.

‘Katie felt humiliated when she saw the photos of Jamie and his ex. She used to shrug off his bad boy behavior, and it even helped to keep their relationship a secret, but now she is realizing things may never change. It is not the stable future she envisioned for herself or for [daughter] Suri.’

Not to mention that Jamie exited an interview when he was asked about her on February 17! The question got him that agitated!

In addition, four days before, he seemed to shade her again when he was asked about the huge success of Black Panther.

‘God — right it is Black History Month. That’s what I am saying, no white girls until March 1.’

The source says ‘Katie has felt betrayed by Jamie over and over again. Between outings with his baby mama, clubbing, and the jokes at her expense, she feels crushed every time she sees him acting like he is single. It is hard for her to trust him.’

So she is reportedly moving on from the alleged five-years-long secret relationship!

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