Katie Holmes Celebrates Her Daughter Suri's 14th Birthday

Katie Holmes Celebrates Her Daughter Suri's 14th Birthday
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On social media, Katie Holmes shared a cute birthday message for Suri's 14th birthday. The actress, who had Suri with the Mission Impossible alum, Tom Cruise, shared a photo with the message, "Happy Birthday Sweetheart!"

According to People Magazine, the 41-year-old actress took to her IG account on Saturday to post a photo that appeared to be a handmade birthday banner featuring many types of flowers in addition to a customized doll.

Holmes went on to say that she felt so "blessed" to be her mother, and also wished a fantastic year for both of them. Even though it's fairly uncommon for Katy to share photos of her daughter whom she had with Tom Cruise, they often hang out in public together.

According to Holmes, who had a chat about Suri with InStyle earlier this year, her daughter has reached that age where she's finally starting to develop her own interests, hobbies, tastes, and proclivities. The actress said she "loved her so much," and her biggest goal is to nurture her "individuality."

The ex-wife of Tom Cruise added that her daughter has finally moved out of her "girly stage," as she called it, and is currently trying out different things to find out what she likes. Katie says she likes to pick up something new and become really good at it until she's ready to start learning something else.

"She's very focused and a hard worker," the actress remarked. Fans of Katie know she had her child relatively early, at least in comparison to other Hollywood actresses who often do so much later in their career.

Holmes said she couldn't be happier to have had a child when she was in her twenties. She was 27-years-old when she first had Suri, and the actress stated that a big reason why she loved having Suri at that age has to do with the compatibility of their ages.

In other words, it wasn't that long ago when Katie, herself, was a young girl, and she remembers each phase well. It's made relating to her much easier.

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