Katie Couric Recalls Princess Diana’s Funeral And Her Heartache Over Prince Charles Divorce In Anniversary Essay

Katie Couric Recalls Princess Diana’s Funeral And Her Heartache Over Prince Charles Divorce In Anniversary Essay
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Katie Couric recalls Princess Diana's funeral, as well as how the late royal was heartbroken over Prince Charles divorce. She wrote an emotional essay for InStyle that was published one day before the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

"Although I was reporting on what was going on, I too was mourning Princess Diana. And at the same time, I kept imagining what would happen if my husband died from the cancer that had taken over our lives," Couric said of attending the funeral as a reported for Today.

The journalist was she mourning the beloved princess, but Couric was also dealing with her husband Jay Monahan's Colon cancer battle. She could not let her personal life get in the middle of her job but it was not easy.

"The young princes, Prince William, and Prince Harry made me think of our young daughters and what losing a parent might mean for them. At one point, the producers had to take the cameras off me, because I was so choked up, and tears started to stream down my face," the former CBS News anchor revealed.

A year before the tragic death of Princess Diana , Couric had the pleasure of interviewing her for the first time. It was at a Chicago luncheon honoring Princess Diana, who had been traveling for weeks.

"We chatted, and she told me she liked my pink lipstick. Then I said something like, 'You must be exhausted traveling and meeting so many people and having to shake hands with all these strangers. Are you excited to go home?' I will never forget her response: 'I would be, but I'm going home to an empty house. This was as she was finalizing her divorce from Prince Charles, and she seemed bit melancholy and lonely. My heart broke a little for her," Couric remembered.

Even though Princess Diana and Prince Charles had separated in 1992, they did not finalize it until 1996. Four years later and the beloved princess was still heartbroken over the breakup of her marriage.

Katie Couric had the honor of not only meeting Princess Diana but covering her funeral. She wrote an essay detailing her experience with both for the anniversary of the "People's Princess." It is a heartfelt piece genuinely worthy of a woman whose legacy is still being honored by her sons and the rest of the world.


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