Katie Couric Has Opened Up About Her Breast Cancer On Instagram And Fans Are Shocked At The News

Katie Couric Has Opened Up About Her Breast Cancer On Instagram And Fans Are Shocked At The News
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Breast cancer is probably one of the most comment sicknesses found in women. Cancer is extremely common and unfortunately, the beloved stars and celebrities of the world are not safe from it. In a recent Instagram post, Katie Couric chose to share her diagnosis of breast cancer with the world.

The former co-host of the “Today” show wrote a message to her fans on Instagram declaring her disease. She said, “Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. On June 21st, I became one of them. As we approach #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, I wanted to share my personal story with you all and encourage you to get screened and understand that you may fall into a category of women who needs more than a mammogram.”

On her website, she shared a little bit more about her diagnosis. She mentioned that she had been late for a mammogram and had been vigilant in the matter ever since her husband Jay had died of colon cancer in 1998.

In regards to how she felt, she said that when the doctors had told her, she had felt as if the room was spinning so she chose to go to the corner of the office and speak quietly. She also mentioned that she had a million questions rushing around in her head.

However, she was thankful to her doctor Dr. Lisa Newman who had been very reassuring and had told her that her cancer was hormone receptor-positive and it was highly treatable especially since they had caught it earlier.

She spoke of how she had to tell her daughters a few days after the appointment. She had told them on facetime and after hearing the news, they had gone quiet and started crying to which she comforted them saying she would be fine.

Katie underwent surgery on July 14 th . The diagnosis had proven that her cancer wasn’t likely to return so she did not have to do chemotherapy rather she had to go through radiation. She said, “I was warned that I may be fatigued and my skin may turn a little pink. Yesterday was my final round. My left breast does look like I’ve been sunbathing topless, but other than that, I’ve felt fine.”

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