Kathy Wakile Reveals If She's Willing To Come Back To RHONJ

Kathy Wakile Reveals If She's Willing To Come Back To RHONJ
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As you remember, Kathy Wakile left the Real Housewives of New Jersey back in season 7 and now, people want to know if there are any chances of her coming back. During a brand new interview, she revealed just that!

It sounds like fans of the show want Wakile on their small screens again so, would she do it?

You may remember that she was a full time member of the cast in seasons 3, 4 and 5 and then part time on seasons 6 and 7 before finally leaving for good.

While chatting with HollywoodLife, she admitted that she’s heard fans’ requests for her to make a comeback but for now, they are all ‘rumblings.’

‘People talk about it, and I get — my social media is always asking. People are always asking, ‘when am I coming back? When am I coming back?’’

Kathy went on to give fans bad news as far as they are concerned, saying that she has no intention of subjecting herself to the drama on the show.

‘Right now, honestly, I have really found what I love to do, and I’m really having a great time doing it. It’s really my passion. Housewives was fun, and from that I got a lot of attention for my cooking and being in the kitchen. I’ve used that and I’ve gotten opportunities from that, so that’s keeping me really busy. There’s no drama in the kitchen. No drama whatsoever, so I’m happy.’

Indeed, Kathy is very successful off the Bravo show as well.

She’s authored a cookbook titled ‘Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet.’

Kathy has also released a cannoli kit and some other products.

Furthermore, she is set to teach a cooking course at Remington College Culinary Training Center in Memphis, Tennessee.


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