Kathy Griffin Talks About Being Blacklisted -- Here's What She Said About Anderson Cooper And Frenemy Andy Cohen

Kathy Griffin Talks About Being Blacklisted -- Here's What She Said About Anderson Cooper And Frenemy Andy Cohen
Credit: Source: NBC

Kathy Griffin has been relatively out of the spotlight since she was pummeled by media and Trump supporters for holding a fake severed head covered in ketchup of Donald Trump. The comedian stopped by Wendy Williams to reveal just how hard life has been for her.

Griffin has a new documentary out that she produced. Kathy Griffin: A Hell of A Story was filmed on an iPhone is available on streaming services and follows her life after the fallout of the picture that went viral in dozens of countries.

Kathy explained that none of her family has reached out to her since then and told Williams that her boyfriend's family continuously bashes her online.

The couple has been together for eight years. She thinks that isolation has brought them closer together.


Many people don't know just how serious the consequences of her satiric image was. She was placed on the no-fly list, believed to be ISIS adjacent in many countries, and even thoroughly investigated by the FBI.

The former Bravolebrity had to leave the country just to find work since she's essentially been blacklisted from TV and other media outlets.

Wendy brought up the fact that Jenny McCarthy is staying home with her son instead of hosting the New Year's Eve countdown with Ryan Seacrest. The talk show host thinks Kathy would be the perfect replacement.

The 58-year-old laughed and said that she loves that Wendy thinks ABC would allow her on the network ever again.

Wendy also inquired whether she's still friends with Anderson Cooper or not. Apparently, he dropped her after the incident too.

Kathy went on to spill the tea about her frenemy Andy Cohen.

'He was terrible to me, he fired me from Bravo, he was a horrible boss the entire time I was there. He gave himself a talk show and he still runs the network. He's the only person in the history of television who gave himself a talk show that magically gets picked up every season.'

Do you think Kathy deserves a second chance?


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  • Hannah
    Hannah Oct 16, 2019 12:56 PM PDT

    She should not have been blacklisted, treated so horrendously (still is now) and singled out to take the fall for everyone else who feels the same way about our vile president as she does. Trump his more blood on his hands than she ever will.

  • Karen
    Karen Oct 16, 2019 12:22 PM PDT

    Does ANYONE really care what this garden gnome has to say? Seriously!! She never was that funny to begin with and frankly, 99percent if the population don't give a whit about a "celebrity's" political opinions and find it quite arrogant and condescending that they think their opinions have any influence at all. Their job is to entertain, not lecture.

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