Kathy Griffin Leaves Out Any Mention Of Anderson Cooper In Her Tribute To His Mother Gloria Vanderbilt

Kathy Griffin Leaves Out Any Mention Of Anderson Cooper In Her Tribute To His Mother Gloria Vanderbilt
Credit: Source: CNN

For a decade, CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin was a must watch for many people who were ringing in the new year. But, even though they worked together for years, when Cooper’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt passed away earlier this week, Griffin failed to mention Cooper in her online tribute to the railroad heiress.

Vanderbilt died on Monday, June 17th at the age of 95, and when the news broke, Griffin tweeted that she had lost a friend who she loved very much. The comedian revealed that the socialite allowed her to call her “Glo Vandi,” and she was flattered when Vanderbilt referred to her as her daughter.

“When we would have our alone time, we would sit on this sofa and talk for hours,” wrote Griffin.

While the 58-year-old made her love for Vanderbilt very clear, she failed to mention Cooper, her former best friend. Cooper and Griffin were very close for years, but when the news network cut ties with Griffin in 2017 after she posted a pic of herself holding a replica of Donald Trump’s severed head, Griffin and Cooper had a falling out.

Instead of defending Kathy Griffin, Cooper called the photo “clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.” Griffin said that the scandal “broke” her career, and she couldn’t believe her friend didn’t have her back, calling him “the spineless heiress.”

Vanderbilt - a fashion legend - died on Monday after a battle with stomach cancer. The next day she was laid to rest at a private family cemetery in Staten Island, New York, and Cooper was there to pay his final respects to the woman who he loved and adored.

In the HBO documentary Nothing Left Unsaid, Vanderbilt explained that her end-of-life plan was to be buried with her husband Wyatt Cooper, and next to her son, Carter Cooper, who died in 1988 at the age of 23.

As soon as the news broke of her passing, CNN aired an eight-minute tribute to Vanderbilt that Cooper voiced. The 52-year-old talked about his mother’s extraordinary life, including her “poor little rich girl” childhood where she was the subject of a nasty custody battle between her mother and aunt, and her iconic career that gave us Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the 1980s.

Anderson Cooper said in an Instagram post that he has known since the moment he was born that his mother loved him very much, and that was her greatest gift to him.


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