Kathy Griffin Gives Her 'Two Cents' On Alleged Kanye And Kim Divorce - Says Kim Did Everything She Could

Kathy Griffin Gives Her 'Two Cents' On Alleged Kanye And Kim Divorce - Says Kim Did Everything She Could
Credit: Source: StarTribune.com

Now that Kim and Kanye appear to finally be heading for divorce, everyone has an opinion on it, including Kathy Griffin , who took to her Twitter this week to express her thoughts on the couple's relationship. Kathy wrote on her account that she truly believed that Kim did everything she could to try and make it work.

As it was previously reported by several outlets, Kim and Kanye are reportedly headed for divorce following a very sensational and dramatic 2020 in which Kanye announced his run for the presidency and also told the world of their near-abortion.

Kim later released a tweet in which she addressed the controversy, explaining that Kanye was bipolar and that he was under a lot of pressure from his various engagements, including his new partnership with GAP - the clothing brand.

According to Page Six, Kathy - who once lived beside them and talked about them in her act - wrote a tweet on Tuesday in which she said that she thought Kim truly loved her husband. Kathy went on to say that she "liked" Kim a lot, and she thought Kim had Kanye's best interests in mind.

Griffin went on to say that she didn't think Kanye "was the devil," but she genuinely believed that Kim was doing everything in her power to make things work out. Reportedly, Kathy and her boyfriend of many years, Randy Bicks, married over New Year's Eve last week and Kim sent them a note.

Additionally, not a lot of people know that the Kar-Jenner clan backed her up after she posed with a picture of a bloodied, prosthetic, head depicting that of Donald Trump.

In 2018, Kathy tweeted that the vast majority of her liberal friends in Hollywood abandoned her entirely, whereas Jenner helped her promote her comedy tour while others wanted nothing to do with her.


As most know, Kathy found herself in serious trouble when she posed beside a very vulgar, prosthetic, head that was made out to look like Trump. Kathy vociferously apologized afterward and said it negatively impacted her career for years, although, things seem to be getting better now.


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