Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals She Went On Her First Date In 33 Years

Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals She Went On Her First Date In 33 Years
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According to a report from Today.com, Kathie Lee Gifford is slowly getting back into relationships. Kathie Lee appeared on Today for the first time in years on Tuesday. It was the first time she had been on the show since she departed back in April of this year.

The 66-year-old, Kathie Lee, was formerly in a relationship and marriage with Frank Gifford from 1986 until 2015. Frank passed away in 2015, and since then, Kathie began living in Nashville, Tennessee. The actress explained that she has actually managed to go on several dates lately.

The former Today host explained that she went down to a club with her friends to see one of her favorite groups play, Tim Akers And The Smoking Section, where one man specifically caught her attention. The former  Today  host explained that at the show, a man there asked her to a dance, so she took him up on the request.

Gifford explained that the whole experience was "surreal," because the world has changed so much since she first married her husband all of those years ago.

Before adding that it was a lot of fun, Kathie explained that she and the man were from entirely different worlds, appearing to insinuate they had to cut ties shortly thereafter.

Reported by Suzy Kerr from back in March, it was stated by multiple outlets that Kathie's departure from Today show earlier this year was actually a point of contention with some of the other employees on the show.

It was near the ending of 2018 when Gifford first revealed she was bailing on the Today show, following the cancelation of Megyn Kelly Today. Reportedly, sources at NBC claimed Kathie wasn't happy that the network chose to fire both Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer, whom she had been friends with for years.

An insider claimed Gifford was unhappy with the way Megyn was fired, in addition to the way the network terminated their relationship with Matt Lauer, despite the investigation concluding that nothing had happened. Furthermore, sources claim Gifford believed there was no longer a place for her there anymore.

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