Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals How She Coped With Her Husband's Death

Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals How She Coped With Her Husband's Death
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Kathie Lee Gifford is opening up about the loss of her husband three years ago. The TV personality was in attendance at the Hallmark Summer TCA red carpet where she talked to ET both about the projects she is currently working on but also about the death of her husband, Frank Gifford.

When asked how she’s coped with the loss and what she’s learned since then, she was quick to speak about her strong faith as well as her work, that kept her distracted.

‘How strong I am because of the lord. Yeah, I mean, he meets all our needs and gives us everything we need according to his glorious riches, so I am fine. I keep very busy. I just wrapped a film in Scotland that will be out at Christmas time that I wrote, and produced and starring in and co-wrote the score, so I have been busy!’ Kathie Lee told the outlet.

Interestingly enough, the movie she is talking about, titled Love Me To Death, is about a widow who takes her late husband’s ashes along to a trip around the world.

The character is determined to visit all of the destinations the two of them really loved from movies, but the very first one changes her plans.

Kathie Lee also told ET that her actress daughter, Cassidy Gifford almost got a part in the upcoming film!

‘She was almost in this film that I wrote, but due to budgetary concerns, I had to write her out. She was going to play me as a younger woman, my character as a younger woman, and it just ended up not working out.’ Too bad, that would have been interesting.

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