Kathie Lee Gifford Reportedly Has A New Boyfriend Insurance Agent Randy Cronk

Kathie Lee Gifford Reportedly Has A New Boyfriend Insurance Agent Randy Cronk
Credit: Source NBC via YouTube

Kathie Lee Gifford reportedly has a new boyfriend. The former talk show host has been spotted getting cozy with insurance agent Randy Cronk in the past few weeks.

Four years after the love of her life, Frank Gifford died, Kathie Lee may have just found love again. On Friday, the Daily Mail broke the news the 65-year-old was spending time with Cronk in Franklin, Tennessee last weekend. There are even photos of the two smooching up a storm.

56-year-old Cronk is the president of RMC Insurance Group LLC. He resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Kathie Lee moved to Nashville after she left her Today show gig in April. It is unclear how Cronk and Katie Lee met, but sources close to US Weekly shared they were dancing close on their outing.

Although she has not commented on her rumored new romance, Kathie Lee did admit a few months ago she was open to finding love. She teased to US Weekly that perhaps she had already found a man. Could it be the mother of two has been dating Cronk for longer than people may think?

"I'm open to love, but I don't think you go out and find love; I think that it finds you. I'm a woman of faith, so I also think that if God wants it, then he'll bring it. Maybe I have found love already and just don't know it. We'll see," she stated.

One thing she made clear when discussing dipping her toe back into the dating pool is that her children needed to support the idea. She has one son Cody, age 29, and a daughter Cassidy, age 26. Since Frank was their father Kathie Lee wanted to make sure they were ok with her moving forward in the romance department.

"They want me to be happy just like I want them to be. We don't know what that looks like in life. If God blesses me again with a new love, I would love it. If he doesn't, that means he's gonna satisfy my soul with all kinds of other things. And I don't know what it looks like. The way I found Frank was him leaning over a sink putting in contact lenses. The way my friend Roma Downey found her husband, she sat down and had a pedicure next to him. God's just gonna surprise me," Kathie Lee shared with the weekly magazine.

Although she has been spotted spending time with Insurance agent Randy Cronk, Kathie Lee is not ready to talk about her new romance. Onyi time will tell if her new man is the real deal!


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