Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals How She And Chris Pratt Keep Their Marriage 'Strong'

Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals How She And Chris Pratt Keep Their Marriage 'Strong'
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Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt are quickly approaching their first wedding anniversary this June, and she recently opened up about how they keep their marriage strong. The 30-year-old author says that communication is key, but she still has a lot to learn.

During the Riveter Reads: The Gift of Forgiveness with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt virtual fireside chat earlier this week, she told Us Weekly that the most amazing gift you can have in a partnership or relationship is “communication constantly.”

Schwarzenegger also revealed the one thing she can’t do in her marriage.

“I’m not good with leaving things unsaid. Like, I just — I can’t do it. I’m not the kind of person [who] is able to do it,” explained Schwarzenegger. “I don’t like to go to bed angry. And we both are the same way. Like, we both do not ever want to go to bed angry.”

Schwarzenegger added that both she and Pratt communicate a lot, and it is “super important” to them. She says that no matter how crazy their days are, they always check in with each other and do a “temperature gauge.” This is important, says Schwarzenegger, because she and Pratt are a team, and you want to make sure your team is a strong one.

Pratt and Schwarzenegger are currently quarantined at their home in Los Angeles, and she says they are trying to keep a routine and some structure. The activist explained that she has had to do a lot of “creative pivoting” during the pandemic because she launched a book just two days before the lockdown.

The unexpected change was actually an “amazing blessing” for Schwarzenegger because it has required her to get creative in ways that she didn’t anticipate. Still, she has held on to her old habits because she is someone who does her best and is most productive early in the morning.

Schwarzenegger explained that she still sets an alarm very early in the morning, even if she doesn’t have to physically be somewhere. The author says the first thing she does is get up and move, either with an online class or just going for a walk.

Afterward, she gets to work so she can get everything done during the day because by the evening she is “a little less sharp” and “less focused.” Keeping structure and consistency has been the key for Schwarzenegger during the lockdown.

Still, when it comes to her marriage, Katherine Schwarzenegger knows she has a lot to learn. She says that her mom, Maria Shriver, likes to remind her that she will learn more as the years go by.

“So I’ll come back to you in like 20 years or 30 years or 40 years and give a constant update on it,” said Schwarzenegger.


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