Katherine Schwarzenegger Did Not Invite Dad Arnold's Love Child, Joseph Baena, To Her Lavish Wedding To Chris Pratt For This Reason

Katherine Schwarzenegger Did Not Invite Dad Arnold's Love Child, Joseph Baena, To Her Lavish Wedding To Chris Pratt For This Reason
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An affair from the past of Arnold Schwarzenegger has left him with a permanent complication in his family relations.

After sleeping with Mildred Baena who worked for his family, Schwarzenegger eventually found himself the father of Joseph Baena.

The boy’s name was rarely mentioned in the press, and many suspected that Schwarzenegger might be trying to maintain a distance from him in general to protect Maria Shriver.

Some have noticed his absence at the wedding of his half-sister, (Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger wed recently) which further fueled the speculation that he might not be in a great relationship with Schwarzenegger’s “real” family.

Sources indicate that there might not be much of a relationship between them, to begin with, and everyone has been trying to maintain their distance, leaving others be.

An insider said: “Why should she have a relationship with this kid? Joseph is the product of an affair that Arnold kept hidden for years! This was a deeply damaging and shameful situation that destroyed her family. I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to embrace this living ­reminder of that.”

The family friend added: “Even if he had been invited, he would say he wouldn’t have wanted to go to the wedding as he would be a distraction. It would have definitely taken away the shine from Katherine’s big day. It would have really been the only story of the day.”

Other sources claim that everyone involved has indeed been making attempts to reconcile and to get everyone on the same page, but it has been a complicated process.

Part of the difficulty has been attached to the very public nature of their relationship.

It is no secret that pretty much the whole world is looking at Schwarzenegger under a microscope at any time, and his moves keep getting judged by others.

With that in mind, it can make sense that the family may want to establish a more private relationship first, before moving on to something more public.

Hopefully, they will be sharing some moments in the future because it would be a shame to see a mistake made by Schwarzenegger affecting everyone around him for their whole lives.

Do you think the actor's children will all make peace in the near future?

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  • Guess Goodman
    Guess Goodman Jul 4, 2019 9:31 AM PDT

    He can never come to their family outings because of what his mother did to their mother their mother was nice to her trusted her and she betrayed her in the worst way trying to come up and she did they can't have him coming to family functions because Kathryn is not going to want him to tell his stab in the back mother the things that they're doing so it will always be be an uncomfortable way and most children will stick with their mother it's unfortunate it's not his fault but that's just the way I feel is going to be forever

  • Kelly
    Kelly Jul 3, 2019 7:19 PM PDT

    It's really not fair that he is being treated badly because of something that wasn't his fault. Last I heard, you can't choose your own birth parents! And none of us had any say in whether we were conceived during an affair, or if we were conceived by our happily married parents. Yes, it was wrong for Arnold to cheat on Maria. But his son did not ask for this to happen. So why should he only be thought of as the product of an affair? He is as much a human being as the rest of us, and what happened was not his fault! He is a part of that family, whether other people think so, or not!

  • Christine
    Christine Jul 1, 2019 2:45 PM PDT

    If Arnold's kids with Maria don't want a relationship with him there is nothing wrong with that. They really don't need to have one. Yes, he is a product of Arnold's indiscretion, not Maria's. He is not Maria's kid and does not need to be at their family functions. As long as he has forged some type of relationship with Arnold that is all that really matters.

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