Katherine Heigl Dishes On What It's Like To Turn 40-Years-Old In Hollywood

Katherine Heigl Dishes On What It's Like To Turn 40-Years-Old In Hollywood
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Katherine Heigl just turned 40-years-old and she's thrilled about it. On Saturday, the Grey's Anatomy alum shared an Instagram post where she divulged on what it's like to turn 40 in the entertainment industry, a place where looks and youth are valued most.

As most Hollywood enthusiasts know, youth and physical beauty are arguably one of the most important things when getting roles in the entertainment industry.

It's rare that either men or women are able to secure solid acting jobs without being at least, marginally good looking. For instance, Danny DeVito was once told that he would never make it in the business because he was simply too short - what a joke such a statement has become, considering his status as an actor.

Other stars to speak out on this conundrum includes Penelope Cruz, who is known for not only her acting chops but also her good looks. She co-starred alongside Johnny Depp in the cult classic, Blow , as Johnny's fiery and passionate wife.

You can check out Katherine's post below to see for yourself:

Putting aside social issues in the acting business, Katherine Heigl has encountered controversy a few times in the past, notably, when she insinuated the writers on Grey's Anatomy didn't do a very good job.

The actress suggested the writing on the show that season was "lackluster," and for that reason, considered withdrawing from receiving an Emmy Award.

Several years later, Heigl took some serious heat on social media, as well, for taking pictures and videos of herself in a cemetery. The actress attempted to lighten the mood up for her fans and followers but ended up offending most.

Later on, the actress apologized to everyone she offended. Us Weekly reported that Heigl was in the cemetery to visit her brother who died in 1986 in a car accident.

Katherine was respectful when posing for her brother's tombstones, but when it came to the tombstones of others, she was less gracious. Thankfully, however, she apologized and everyone let bygones be bygones.

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