Katharine McPhee Talks Back To Troll Who Thinks Her Upcoming Marriage To David Foster Is Already Doomed

Katharine McPhee Talks Back To Troll Who Thinks Her Upcoming Marriage To David Foster Is Already Doomed
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At this point, one would think that Katharine McPhee would get used to the fact people hate the idea of her engagement to David Walter Foster. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. As fans of the singer/songwriter know, the 34-year-old got engaged to the musician, David Foster, 69 this past summer.

It was back in July 2018 when they first announced their intention to get married, but some people online were not that excited about the prospect. In fact, many of them made fun of their age difference. According to the Huffington Post, it all began on Sunday when McPhee joked that picking women to be in the bridal party was kind of like a "real-life Myspace Top 8."

You can check out the heated but brief exchange below:

Last year, McPhee and Foster got engaged in Capri, Italy, after approximately a year of dating. They met on the set of American Idol in 2006 when the Smash actress was a contestant. Formerly, McPhee was married to her manager, Nick Cokas.

Foster, on the other hand, has had more than one wife actually. Thus far, Mr. Foster has had four ex-wives, including Yolanda Hadid, Linda Thompson, Rebecca Dyer, as well as BJ Cook.

Recently, the star showed she was excited to get married because she shared an image of a wedding dress for her future stepdaughter, Jordan Foster.

As you may know, Katharine is 34-years-old and David Foster is 69-years-old. For that reason, fans online love to talk smack. It begs the question of whether it's ok or not for a man and a woman with a thirty-year age difference to get married?  One can argue that every person, as long as they're an adult, has the right to choose.

Katharine probably is enamored with the longtime musician due to his massive success in the industry. He has worked for some of the most prominent artists in the scene, including Michael Bublé, Alice Cooper, Beyonce Knowles, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Olivia Newton-John, and many, many others.

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