Katharine McPhee Foster Shares Video Of Her Zac Posen Wedding Gown

Katharine McPhee Foster Shares Video Of Her Zac Posen Wedding Gown
Credit: Source: Katharine Foster/Instagram

Newlyweds Katharine McPhee-Foster and David Foster are settling into married life, and now Kat is reminiscing about her beautiful wedding day. Katharine wore a gorgeous Zac Posen wedding dress and they both shared a video of Kat in her dress, spinning and revealing its full glory. Katharine shared another picture where she was flanked by umbrellas as security tried to shield her from the paparazzi but the photos were still captured. Katherine expressed being happy that the photos were snapped after all due to her toned arms, as they showed off her hard work getting ready for her wedding day.

Before sharing pics of her wedding dress, Katherine shared photos of David and her while on their honeymoon in Italy. The photos, along with a video from her Instagram story that she shared, went viral. Many people agree that Katharine was an exceptionally beautiful bride and her Zac Posen wedding gown was exquisite.

Katharine has 639,000 Instagram followers and Zac Posen has 1.8 million. Together, with their many followers, the video was sure to go viral. She captioned the video with the following.

"A HIGHER LOVE 💞 @davidfoster."

Celebrities such as Jenna Dewan Tatum and Lisa Rinna offered their congratulations and praise on the gown.

Here is the video that Katharine and Zac both shared to their official Instagram pages. You may see Katharine twirl in the gown and show off its exceptional beauty.

Katharine McPhee met David Foster 13-years-ago while at the height of American Idol.  Many people who saw David and Katharine together thought they had tremendous chemistry. It wasn't until 2017, however, that people suspected David Foster and Katharine McPhee were a couple. By 2018, the pair were dropping plenty of hints that they were in fact together and at one point, Katharine let it be known that she loved David.

Though there is a large age difference between David and Katharine, his children approve of the union. According to reports, David's daughters approve of the union. Katharine even shared a photo of herself with David's daughters Erin and Sara Foster. Katharine joked that she tucked them into bed and sang them a lullaby.

The latest photo that Katharine shared is also going viral. It is the picture where she is surrounded by security carrying umbrellas. You may see that picture below.

What do you think of Katharine McPhee-Foster's Zac Posen wedding gown?

Do you agree that she was an exquisite bride?

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