Katharine McPhee Bashes Social Media Critics For Trashing Her Engagement To David Foster

Katharine McPhee Bashes Social Media Critics For Trashing Her Engagement To David Foster
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Katharina McPhee isn't concerned with all of her haters. Katharina, 34, is enjoying herself after she and her man, David Foster, just announced their engagement. In case you haven't noticed, David is thirty-four-years older than her, so, many of her fans online have called him "her dad."

The American Idol alum tweeted on the 6th of July that her fans should be more focused on the mid-term elections rather than her relationships. Her response to haters online comes shortly after she returned to the United States and asked her fans, "what did I miss?"

Some of her fans merely updated her on the political climate in the United States right now, which, has been fraught with controversy due to the migrant problem at the United States and Mexico border.

However, some of her more cruel fans said that she was "creepy" and clearly had "no self-worth" considering she married a "creepy old man." One person wrote a series of hashtags,"gross, henasty, nowyounastytoo."

Another person wrote, "the big news is that you're now getting married to a guy that is older than my dad, and we're the same age. What's wrong with you, do you have daddy issues?"

A representative speaking to Us Weekly revealed the news on the 3rd of July that the music producer had asked her to marry while they were on vacation in Italy.

Later, that very same day, McPhee wrote on her Instagram account that her man asked her to marry at the top of a mountain in Anacapri. As you may know, McPhee and Foster first started dating rumors back in May 2017 when spectators saw them in Malibu.

And the rumors were confirmed when they went to the 2018 Met Gala together exactly one year later. This will be David's fifth marriage and the second one for McPhee. Coincidentally, David played the piano at McPhee's very first wedding.

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