Kate Middleton's Cravings Have Some Guessing The Gender Of Baby Number 3 -- Prince William's Grandmother Has Been Very Supportive

Kate Middleton's Cravings Have Some Guessing The Gender Of Baby Number 3 -- Prince William's Grandmother Has Been Very Supportive
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Kate Middleton is already 11 weeks pregnant and has some cravings that have the Internet guessing the gender of the future royal baby. Commenters believe it is a boy.

For weeks, the rumors had been running wild claiming that Kate and Prince William were expecting baby number three.

Many media outlets denied the story by falsely claiming that they spoke to a so-called insider in London, it turns out they were wrong.

Middleton, who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum which caused nausea and upset stomach during her two first pregnancies, was hospitalized with the same condition last week.

The hospitalization forced her to announce the pregnancy ahead of time.

A source claimed that Kate always wanted a third child and had been trying for months to get pregnant.

The person in the know also revealed that her cravings consist of spicy food and sweet candies.

The individual shared: "Kate has always wanted a third child.[She] has been trying for another baby for months... she is been suffering from nausea and morning sickness again, and she cannot stop eating spicy food and candy!"

It is being claimed that the Queen is happy that the family is expanding and gave the couple her blessings before the pregnancy announcement which took place after the anniversary of Princess Diana's passing.

According to the source: "Kate has talked to Queen Elizabeth about her motherhood plans, and she has been incredibly supportive. Her Majesty is just delighted that Kate has turned out to be such a star for the royal family. After all the scandals from the past, the Queen is glad Kate has brought stability to the family. It is also very bitter sweet timing, as it is the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death this year, so although William has been feeling particularly sad, the new baby is affording him a lot of joy too.”

Prince George is thrilled for the new arrival whereas Princess Charlotte does not fully comprehend what is going on as yet.

The source stated: “William and Kate do not know if it is going to be a boy or a girl, and they have no preference, they are just hoping for a healthy and happy baby. Charlotte is still too young to understand what's going on really, but George is very excited to have another brother or sister.”

Is Kate having a boy or a girl based on her cravings?


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