Kate Middleton Talks The Ups And Downs Of Parenting While Hanging Out With Toddlers!

Kate Middleton Talks The Ups And Downs Of Parenting While Hanging Out With Toddlers!
Credit: Source: hellomagazine.com

It is safe to say that Kate Middleton has some experience when it comes to kids since she's a mother of three herself! The Duchess of Cambridge opened up about the ups and downs of being a parent while visiting the Henry Fawcett Children's Center!

Kate was there to observe how the Lambeth Early Action Partnership manages to support careers as well as parents and their kids by using the facilities.

She took this opportunity to hang out with some of the young ones and the royal member seemed to have a lot of fun.

Middleton was wearing wide-leg black pants as well as a purple Gucci silk-crepe blouse.

Despite her expensive outfit, the Duchess did not hesitate to just take a seat on the floor and join the parents and toddlers there for a session of ‘together time.’

The said practice was created so that parents are aided in understanding their kids’ cues better, and to build confidence in their parenting.

In a clip taken by The Daily Mail's Rebecca English, Kate can be seen telling fellow mom Kriti Batta about her youngest addition to the family, 10 month old Prince Louis and how he ‘bombs around’ on his walker already!

‘She was saying Louis does this and she was just helping him to balance,’ Batta, who is a mom of a 9 month old herself, told the media.

Furthermore, another mother, Finesse Perry, who has twin girls, also opened up about her interaction with the Duchess, saying: ‘She asked me what it is like having twins and I said it is double trouble and she said like with her own children, you have your ups and downs.’


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