Kate Middleton Shrugs Prince William's Hand Off Her Shoulder In Awkward PDA - Check Out The Video!

Kate Middleton Shrugs Prince William's Hand Off Her Shoulder In Awkward PDA - Check Out The Video!
Credit: Source: hellomagazine.com

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s uncomfortable PDA was caught on camera and it was really awkward! While they were shooting A Berry Royal Christmas, it looked like the Duchess shrugged her husband’s hand off her shoulder and now there is footage of it going around!

It makes sense that some people might assume there is trouble in paradise but as it turns out, this is most likely due to them forgetting about a royal conduct rule and not because their marriage is in danger.

As for what exactly happened, the couple was on the show, visiting a charity when the Prince put a hand on the Duchess’ shoulder affectionately.

Instead of accepting the PDA however, Kate quickly shrugged his hand off, making for a very awkward moment.

Sure enough, people on social media were bound to notice the interaction so when journalist Caitlin McBride shared the clip, many comments arrived.

Here are a few of the reactions: ‘What just happened here???? Ouch!’ / ‘What’s going on with the Cambridges?’ / ‘I like the way they interact, it’s professional. I don’t want to see excessive hand holding and back rubbing. It’s awkward, like you’re intruding on a private moment.’ / ‘They’re not supposed to show pda.’

As the last user also mentioned, they are indeed not supposed to pack any PDA in public, especially not during professional engagements.

However, that hasn’t stopped them in the past.

Kate and William would show some affection from time to time as well, although not too much, of course.

Just small but sweet gestures like hand holding!

Regardless, their awkward interaction on the show could still be a result of some royal protocol but no one knows for sure at this point so some fans are worried they have marital problems.


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