Kate Middleton Reportedly Met Prince William Before They Both Went To University

Kate Middleton Reportedly Met Prince William Before They Both Went To University
Credit: Source: ABC News

By now, most royal fans know the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton . The couple met in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews, they were friends before William asked Kate out after a charity fashion show, they dated for nearly a decade (with a couple of breakups along the way), they became husband and wife in 2011, and now they are happily married with three kids. But, a royal biographer claims that the real story isn’t exactly what people think it is, and it “changes everything.”

Author Katie Nicholl, who has written books like William and Harry and Kate: The Future Queen , says that after she wrote in one of her books that William met Kate at the University of St. Andrews when they shared a residence hall, she later found out a detail that fascinated her.

Katie Couric asked Nicholl in a 2013 interview if Kate and William actually met before college, and Nicholl said “yes.”

“I was speaking to some of her friends at Marlborough school, which was where she went before St Andrews. They said, nuh-uh, she didn’t meet him at St Andrews, she met him before she got there,” said Nicholl. “While she was at school in her sixth form, through some of her friends, they knew Prince William and Prince Harry. So there was an early meeting. That, for me, that changed everything.”

Nicholl wouldn’t admit that Kate had her “sights set” on Prince William, but they did take a similar path to college. The future Duchess of Cambridge left Marlborough College in Wiltshire in 2000 after achieving her A-levels in Math, Art, and English. But, instead of going straight to University she took a gap year, just like Prince William.

Both William and Kate traveled to Chile for a volunteer project during that year, but they never ran into each other during the trip.

When they finally made it to university, it was inevitable that they would meet says royal author Marcia Moody. She explained that the campus was small, William and Kate took the same courses, and they lived in the same building.

Kate has revealed that she was very shy when she first met William, but he says he knew there was something special about her right away. The two quickly became friends, and their college friend Laura Warshauer said that the couple had a “fun natural banter” from the beginning.

“They would tease each other. It was a twinkle in the eye – the delivery of what was said,” said Warshauer.


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