Kate Middleton On Having A Fourth Baby - Check Out Her Response!

Kate Middleton On Having A Fourth Baby - Check Out Her Response!
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Will Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William have another baby? The Duchess and mother of three had a pretty clear answer to that question!

Kate and William started their second day in Ireland in Ballymena and, as expected, they were greeted by many fans that made sure to warmly welcome the Royals to their town.

While interaction with the locals, Middleton met a 5 month old baby named James and made sure to tell his father that ‘He's gorgeous. It makes me feel broody.’

That is when, People reports, the man took the opportunity to inquire about her and William’s future plans: ‘Baby number four?’

Kate replied with a laugh, saying: ‘I think William would be a little worried.’

While she did not say yes or no, it is quite clear that Kate is done having royal babies, even though she joked about it, suggesting that William is the one not thrilled with the idea.

In reality, it sounds like they are on the same page.

But who knows? Maybe she was just referring to the fact that it’s too soon and she’ll just take a break before getting pregnant again?

After all, Kate gave birth to baby number three, Prince Louis, not even a year ago, in April.

She and Prince William are also the proud parents of three year old Princess Charlotte and five year old Prince George.

The royal couple tied the knot back in 2011.

Furthermore, another reason not to have kids anytime soon, or maybe ever, is that Kate suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during all pregnancies, which meant that her condition caused her to miss a lot of royal engagements.

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