Kate Middleton Dubbed 'Too Skinny' Amid Rumors Prince William Cheated On Her With Rose Hanbury

Kate Middleton Dubbed 'Too Skinny' Amid Rumors Prince William Cheated On Her With Rose Hanbury
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When you are one of the most famous women on the planet, everyone seems to have an opinion about your appearance, and that’s definitely the case for Kate Middleton. After giving birth to three children, some believe the Duchess of Cambridge has a normal, healthy frame, but others think she is too skinny.

Last week on Quora , someone asked the question: Do you think the Duchess of Cambridge is too skinny? And, the answers were mixed.

Consultant Rhonda Karlsson wrote that Middleton appears to look normal, and even though her frame is small, it is sturdy, and she doesn’t have a “gaunt look” that is associated with women who are underweight.

Kas Palmer agreed, writing that Middleton is “clearly very healthy,” adding that she has great hair and clear skin. Palmer also pointed out that old photos of Middleton prove that she has always been on the slender side.

The consensus in the answers was that Middleton is a “beautiful woman” who appears to be extremely healthy and also exudes style, grace, and elegance. Some of the answers also pointed out that Middleton leads an active lifestyle. Frances Evans wrote that Middleton enjoys yoga and running, and “you’re only ever too skinny if you’re unhealthy.”

However, earlier this year, some people on the internet voiced their concern about Middleton’s health, saying that she should gain some weight because she is “the thinnest she’s been in years.” In a report from New Idea amid the feud rumor between Middleton and Meghan Markle, there was a theory that Markle’s “disruptive demands” were causing Middleton anxiety. And, an insider claimed that Middleton was stressed about it and had stopped eating.

The source said that Middleton’s default stress-coping mechanism has always been not to eat, and now it was worse than ever. They added that Middleton was struggling and she was “painfully thin.”

But, Middleton’s recent appearances have pretty much debunked that theory, as the Duchess of Cambridge has looked radiant, and continues to be a beloved style icon.

Even with all of the rumors flying that Prince William was unfaithful during her third pregnancy and cheated with Rose Hanbury, Middleton is crushing it. Between being a mom of three and all of her amazing charity work, Kate Middleton’s plate is full. But, no matter what she does, she looks good doing it.


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