Kate Middleton Debuts Lighter, Caramel Colored Hair — See The Look

Kate Middleton Debuts Lighter, Caramel Colored Hair — See The Look
Credit: Source: Kate Middleton/Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Instagram

Kate Middleton is debuting a lighter, caramel-colored hairstyle and fans love the look on her. The Duchess of Cambridge normally wears her hair a dark brunette color and over the years, she has been photographed displaying some grays. Kate celebrated her 38th birthday in January and is mom to three children: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, and Prince Louis of Cambridge. Kate's hairstylist is the renowned coiffure Richard Ward and he and his team are credited with changing Duchess Kate's mane. With the lighter color that picks up plenty of golden highlights in the sun, there is no sign of gray.

Additionally, Kate appears to be sporting a little more layers in her hair than previously.

Star magazine spoke to a source for their upcoming October 26, 2020, issue who weighed in on Kate Middleton's hair. The source stated the following to the publication.

Kate called in one of the top stylists in London for a lighter look. She also had her hair guru Richard Ward cut off around five inches.

You may see a recent video of Kate Middleton where she is displaying the lighter hairstyle below.

Though it is unclear why Kate Middleton opted to go lighter, it is possible that she did so due to graying. Many brunettes opt to go lighter once the grays come in and it a lot easier to bring gray hair to blonde than it is to bring it to a brown or black stage. Kate's hair has plenty of gold and red undertones and the lighter shade looks natural and gorgeous on her.

Richard Ward hasn't spoken about his method for styling or coloring Kate Middleton's hair, but he and his team were recently featured for recreating the Duchess' look on Claire Coleman. You may see that below.

What do you think about Kate Middleton's lighter locks? Do you like the hair color on her?

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